Pet Home Contract

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Puppies sold to Pet Only Homes! (This does not indicate that dog is of lesser quality just that the buyer has no intention of breeding and will have the dog fixed by 12 months of age.)  

Tenacious B Kennel (TBK) Agrees to sell ________ from the _______x_______ litter to____________________ , for the price of $________ 

TBK guarantees that puppy will be current on all vaccinations and be dewormed prior to being released to its new owners.  The puppy will be in good health with no signs of illness or defect.  

Your puppy is guaranteed to be free of any genetic or hereditary defect that causes death or severely lowers the puppy’s quality of life for the duration of the pup's life. A LIFETIME GUARANTEE.   To the best of our knowledge the puppy does not show any risk of having any issues at time of sale.  If a defect is documented by a Veterinarian and sufficient supporting evidence is presented to the seller we will offer a replacement puppy, or work with buyer to come to a mutually agreeable resolution.  We understand that your puppy is part of the family and we will do our best to ensure you can keep your current puppy.  In severe cases the best course of action is to have the puppy returned to seller with a replacement puppy being given at the discretion of TBK.

In order for this contract to be honored you must follow the below conditions.

        1) In the event your dog is diagnosed with any condition we must be notified within 48 hours and before any treatment is begun.  My cell phone number is 651-356-4822 I can be reached anytime.  

        2) You must provide veteranary care, and continue our vaccination and preventitive schedule or this contract will not be honored.

        3) Coccida,  Giardia or any other easily treated bacterial infections as well as conditions that are not  100% genetic are not covered under this contract.

        4) If the dog has been bred, is overweight, over exercised or has not been fed high quality diet the contract is void.

        5) Hips are not covered until 12 months of age, no exceptions.

        6) Nutrition - We feel proper nutrition is the single most important aspect of dogs overall health and development. Keep in mind that what you put in is what you get out. We suggest at least a medium grade food with a primary ingredient of meat. Our breed shouldn't need a rich, grain free, high dollar diet, but will not mature to their propensity if fed chow type foods.

        7) If you neglect to give the dog proper vet care, this contract will not be honored.

8) TBK will / must at any time take the puppy back if you are unable to care for it.  

9) TBK will not be obligated to pay any vet bills, this guarantee is for a replacement pup only at the discretion of TBK.

10) TBK will not issue cash refunds under any circumstance.

The main thing to remember is we understand that the puppy is part of your family and we want the experience to be the best it can be.  We will always keep that in mind and have a compassionate approach to any problems that may arise.

Please Initial lines 1-10 and sign below

 By purchasing your puppy from TBK you are agreeing to all terms of this contract.


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